BackgrounDRb 1.0 released

Although its been quite sometime since 1.0 release of BackgrounDRb has been out in the wild, yet a belated post mentioning its features is nonetheless welcome.

Although README document available at, is quite comprehensive and there is precious little I can add, yet I shall try.

  • BackgrounDRb is a Ruby job server and scheduler. Its main intent is to be
    used with Ruby on Rails applications for offloading long-running tasks. However unlike other libraries BackgrounDRb offers tight integration with Rails and hence you can check status of your workers, pass data to workers and get response back, register status of your workers, dynamically start or stop workers from rails and stuff like that.
  • BackgrounDRb doesn’t have any DRb in its skin now. Its based on networking library packet, (
  • Its stable.
  • It has support for thread_pools, storing of results in MemCache clusters
  • It comes with its own scheduler and hence you don’t need to muck around with crontab anymore

A Quick overview of installation:

  • Get the plugin using:
     piston import backgroundrb
  • Remove or backup older backgroundrb scripts/config files in your rails root directory
  • Run following command from root directory of your rails app:
     rake backgroundrb:setup
  • Have a look at generated config file, RAILS_ROOT/config/backgroundrb.yml and see if there is anything you would like to change.
  • Generate a new worker using :
     ./script/generate worker foo
  • Read the detail documentation about writing workers and stuff on
  • Start your BackgrounDRb server with:
    ./script/backgroundrb start
  • Stop your BackgrounDRb server with:
    ./script/backgroundrb stop

18 thoughts on “BackgrounDRb 1.0 released”

  1. Thanks Hemant for the 1.0 release. However, does this release of BackgrounDRb work on Windows? I remember that 0.2 version had some issues with Windows.

  2. Hi, Hemant. I can’t find it anywhere, I figured I’d ask here – will the latest BackgrounDrb work on Rails 1.2.3 and Ruby 1.8.4? I’ve banged my head for a day getting it to work with the above configuration.

  3. Hemant, does the latest version of the plugin require Ruby 1.8.6 and Rails 2.0.2? I have 1.8.4 and 1.2.3 and can’t seem to get it working.

  4. Thanks! I’ve been trying to get it to run in Leopard, I keep getting connection errors. Thanks for the nice work with the plugin, it really is quite useful.

  5. Well, first try the latest release from trunk. Let me know about any problems you are facing on the backgroundrb mailing list. We can sort this out, if you provide more information.

  6. Hemant, I just upgraded to the 1.0.1 release it looks great from what I’ve read, but sadly I cannot run it under windows. Is there any hope on the horizon of getting a windows version, or should I look into other solutions? The main problem from what I can see is the dependency on UNIXSocket.

  7. Matt, I will love to have Windows support. But it requires non-trivial amount of work. But, don’t give up hope, I am currently working to get test cases and other stuff going, I need to settle down a bit, before starting work on Windows version.

  8. I get consistent connection errors on linux and leopard with the latest source. Would love for this to work, but packet seems to be a dud. I’ve been trying to trace down the issue, and it points to packet.

    Too bad. I’m ready to toss out a lot of work.

  9. Hi….
    I’m new to BackgrounDRb plug-in……

    I got a problem when I use this plug-in. How can I use PO files with this tool.

    I’m sending regular e-mails to registered users in the site with new information. The relevant .rhtml file contains PO injections as follow.
    : – This is showing in the received e-mail as follow.
    user_name : Hansaka

    All the relevant PO strings have been saved in the file and converted into .MO file. But if I send this mail with using web application I’m getting the correct string as follow,
    user name : Hansaka

    The PO files are not taking in BackgrounDRb I guess. Please help me to solve this….!!!!

  10. Hemant,

    We were using the older version of Backgroundrb which was developed by ‘Ezra Zygmuntowicz’ on a windows system (Rails 2.0.2, ruby 1.8.6). But since now we are planning to move to Rails 2.2.2 I had to install the backgroundrb plugin again. I was able to install fine (after a couple of tries) but unfortunately i cannot start it. There are some *nix specific code like fork etc., I read your comment here that you are planning to develop Windows support for backgroundrb. Can you please update on that? I appreciate your response.


  11. Hemant

    Am using backgroundrb for non-stop-continuous crawling using rxml+rfeedparser+nokigiri+mechanize mix. same jobs is distributed to separate-workers.

    Monitoring the main BGRB pids ok , however need is to take control on each workers in separate if dies with errors .

    We use GOD + SHELL scripts to monitor PIDS.

    please updates any tricks or option todo so.



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