Dell Support Sucks

Boy, I am in pain.
I am a heavy keyboard user and left alt key on notebook has stopped working suddenly. First I tried to call them and after trying for nearly half an hour, I tried mailing them. Here is the text:

Dear Dell,

My laptop’s left alt key has stopped working since last couple of
weeks. I tried to get through the support line today with no success,
someone picked my call and assured that within 5 minutes my call will
be attended by someone from technical support. I waited for half an
hour and no one picked the call. I have bought two Dell laptops in
last 6 months and I am generally happy with price and quality match,
but is this how Dell treats its customers?

Is this called responsibility at Dell, where a customer is made to
wait for half an hour after a promise of call *will be attended within
5 minutes*. I know, I haven’t bought your *gold support* package and
you would have listened better if probably I would have, but who

Anyways, I will stop my rant and would like to know, how can I get my
left alt key working?

My Mobile number is: xxxxxxxxxxx . If possible please call on this
number, rather than replying to this mail, which gets irksome soon. I
have tried email support in past and it doesn’t work.

Now, what, my mail was rejected by their server. Here is gmail response:

Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:

Technical details of permanent failure:
PERM_FAILURE: SMTP Error (state 13): 550 #5.1.0 Address rejected

Okay, now what? So I visited their support site and they asked me to take a survey, I did, because I felt okay may be that will be helpful.
So I tried to post my problem through the web interface, and You can’t believe this, because of a stupid Javascript error, I am not able to submit my request. Here is what firebug says:

Also, since I am aware of the fact that firebug sometimes creates problem for third party websites, I had firebug disabled initially. Now, Dell, how do I contact your technical support?

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