An idea about reviving Chennai.rb

Chennai.rb has been languishing for a while (strictly my opinion). First problem is, like almost all open source groups in India, its too business oriented. I have been on the mailing list for a while and attended one of their meetings and didn’t like the atmosphere. Back then, it was too rails centric.

I dunno if its a good idea, but I wanted to start a alternate Ruby group which is more code centric (like seatle.rb perhaps). We organize coding sprints, hacking sessions and stuff like that.

Whatever projects core members of the group decide to start and provided group accepts general idea of the project, it becomes groups responsibility, rather than one man job. Also, it will be responsibility of the creator of the project to explain underlying concepts of the project and it will be maintained by entire group.

We can have a page like seatle.rb on Rubyforge and collabaratively maintain projects.

Also perhaps, there won’t be any beginner sessions, business discussions and it should be truly chennai.alt.rb.

If you read this blog and is from Chennai let me know what you think?

2 thoughts on “An idea about reviving Chennai.rb”

  1. Hi Hemant, partly the languishing part is my fault – too much other work to do, and getting speakers, has always been a problem. There’s only so many times I can talk. Chennai could probably use a differently-modeled ruby group. But why the trouble of setting up something new all over again? If you want to take up the baton and propose a Chennai.rb meet, by all means do so. Looking at the current workload, I don’t think I can contribute much, but it will be nice to see something happening. I guess you are subscribed to the group already. If you want me to make you a moderator in the google group, I’ll do so happily.

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