Eulogy of a Singer

Jagjit Singh – my all timeĀ favoriteĀ Singer died today.

I never met him or communicated with him beyond listening to music he put out and yet I feel deep sense of loss today. As popular Hindi Music degenerates itself, I know a era has gone by – that will not come back and will not be felt ever again.

He himself did not write most of his songs but his greatest achievements perhaps was – he made works of great Urdu poets accessible to people. I wouldn’t know or appreciate work of, Mirza Ghalib or Mir – if not for Jagjit Singh.

I should perhaps link to one of his songs in this post, but the truth is – I can’t. There is just too much out there, which is outstanding and I can’t pick one. But as Mirza Ghalib said:

Woh Firaq aur woh Wisal Kahan ?
woh shab-o-roz-o-maah-o-saal kahaaN ?
fursat-e-kaarobaar-e-shauq kise ?
zauq-e-nazzaraa-e-jamaal kahaaN ?
thee woh ik shaKHs ke tasavvur se
ab woh raanaai-e-KHayaal kahaaN ?
‘eisa aasaaN naheeN lahoo rona
dil meiN taaqat jigar meiN haal kahaaN ?

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