Hi, I am Hemant Kumar, commonly known by nick gnufied on freenode. Have a look at my projects page for more details.

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  1. Hi Hemant,
    I need some help with BackgroundRb. I am running Mac OS X 1.5.3 . I hae got your latest version. I have installed BackgroundRB plugin in the correctly and got a worker class. But i can’t see anything to worker methods that i have added. I added a configuration in backgroundrb.yml. But nothing happens. Here is how my background.yml looks:

    :port: 11006

    :trigger_args: “*/5 * * * * * *”

    I don’t get any errors or anything logs seems to suggest that workers get started but just nothing happens after that. Please help.



  2. Hi
    cannot start background process. Using Mac OS X 15.3
    I got the message in the log
    adress already in use
    Tried ip: localhost and got the message
    Address family not supported by protocol family

    Any suggestions

  3. David,

    You can use cron jobs or bdrb for generating daily reports and mails. Its really a matter of choice. with bdrb you can scheduler your job much frequently because rails environment is not loaded each time.

  4. Hi Hemant,
    I am sandeep kalidindi, heading the technology team at pagalguy. Would like to talk to you about ruby,scala and erlang in general and systems programming(comet servers, xmpp etc) in particular. Liked your blog and projects a lot. we are an online educational community in india with 3lac+ registered members. Recently we started to concentrate on technology innovation for some of the product ideas we started to build. Would like to talk to you about the above mentioned technologies in that regard.

    Let me know if it is possible to spend some time with me.


  5. hi Hemant,

    we are using the old (1.0.1) version of bdrb with cron scheduler. I tried to switch to the latest version for our 2.2 Rails project and I had lots of problems with things like 2.minutes and other Railsy stuff. E.g.

    can’t convert ActiveSupport::Duration into time interval

    Any advice?


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