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Lyrical Whisprings#3 : The BOC perspective

I mean and I really mean, these guys are brilliant. I can’t really say, what I like in their music, but all their tunes sound oddly familiar and coming from a distance, like a bazooka from past. I love it, I wish I could do that.

Terrifying thing is, they are not afraid to release their albums in numbers like 100 or even 5. Now, how the hell, a poor guy sitting in India would ever get his hands on something like that. I am yet to see any of their records on a music store shelf.

Here Marcus talks about artists who are too fucking big:

“No. We think they’re brilliant,” Michael demurs. “I think Kid A’s the best thing they’ve ever done,” adds Marcus in his thicker Scots slur.
“Artists whose status is somewhere between Radiohead and God,” answers Marcus, mystifyingly

Above quote is the context, when Marcus criticizes mainstream musicians or rather musicians who make
music based on pop culture. The interviewer prompts,

“Who are these Bigger Guys, Radiohead?”

Needless to say I hate this moron of interviewer.