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The Ruby Raven

You might have heard of Raven . Its a rake and Rubygems based tool for building/managing Java projects.

Looks like upgrades to rake and rubygems has broke raven and my search for “Ruby Raven” led me to this:

Quite amusing.

Java Network Programming

I had to recently write a smallish TCP/IP server in Java. It has to be written in Java, because of yet another obsession of corporate world with Java. The API that I had to use was javish, and although people who wrote it, would claim that API can be used easily in any language, it was not so. Whats more, I had to use that API from rails, so you can understand my situation.

Well, So i googled and found the book for “Java Network Programming, Third Edition”.
Java Network Programming

What a crap. My main issues were:

  • I hate a book, which pretends that its examples are ready to run, but they don’t run, because they need tinkering. I am all for snippets, that demonstrate a thing or two. But when you are saying, ok this example is ready to run, with import and everything in place and It doesn’t run on actual machine, it just freaks me out.
  • Although the book has 776 pages, its surprisingly free from useful stuff. Seriously, when I compare this with book by Richard Stevens, this book looks like shit. Although author had more scope here on how to write REALLY scalable networking applications. He wasted 776 pages, talking nothing and perhaps reserved good stuff for “Advanced Network Programming with Java” ( Soon, after reading the book, I found that indeed there is a book on Advanced Network Programming )