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Dont Buy Acer Laptops Ever

I am serious, I know perhaps you have read my last blog entry about Dell support, but let me tell you, that got resolved eventually and onsite tech support guy came and fixed it.

Now, Acer was/is the first Laptop I bought about one and half year ago. I had various issues with notebook. One of them was overheating, other was rebooting without any reasons ( perhaps because of issue#1). Acer never fixed them. I live in Chennai and their service center is in one obscure place ( only one in Chennai ), where you are supposed to take your notebook and ask them to fix. They will take 4 to 5 days if you are lucky enough and after that you are supposed to go there and collect your notebook. Each day, getting your notebook repaired will take almost half of your day. But anyways, they never actually fixed.

Last time I took my notebook to them, my warranty period was over and their repair charges were almost same as cost of their brand new laptop with almost same configuration. Whats sad is, that was my first laptop and I bought it with Prize money obtained from here .

Needless to say, I left hope. But just for anyone else out there, please don’t buy Acer laptops.